Checkout is the result of a failed attempt to begin a solo career. It came about after or alongside Rocket Science’s extended hiatus. We needed a break from it all, I needed time to recover from a brain injury and everyone needed to just re-boot and try something different.

While the band found itself creatively, I dreamed of an illustrious solo career. One that Rock’n’roll super stars enjoy after the fact. The thing is, I wasn’t a Rock’n’roll super star but I was a regarded cult musician with an injured mind. A guru surrounded by delusion and turmoil.

I’d write songs all day, about things I noticed, things that got in the way, things that intrigued me, observations from any given day. I noticed things that weren’t right and of course things that were. While my mind recovered, I walked for miles gathering words for my new-found career. Sitting on a roof top, standing by a building, seated in the foyer, up and down escalators, perched by the bay… writing about transience. Little did I know these writings would spark a new group emphasizing words and poetry.

The world as we know it is about to end.

Eventually I decided to play a gig, a solo show, perform on my own, my name in lights. I booked a cinema that doubled as a cocktail bar and venue. The cinema seated thirty.

Since then I’ve been performing Checkout in and around Melbourne with James Baldwin on drums (Ms.45), Ema Dunstan on voc (Synthetics) and Mickey Gino Zocchi on bass (Acts Revelations).