Person or Persons Unknown, a band featuring Roman Tucker

Photo: Rachael Hough 

Emerging in late 2018 in Marvellous Melbourne, Person or Persons Unknown are a 100% improvised ensemble centred around the core duo of Roman Tucker (grand piano) and Simon Grounds (tenor saxophone).

Additional members include James Baldwin (percussion).

Inspired by the precarious visceral energies of Free Jazz, and the challenging ambiguities of Modernist Atonal Chamber Music.

A noirish, dangerous and strangely beautiful mindfuck

There are no wrong notes at the end of the world

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Throughout 2019 Ania Walwicz and Person or Persons Unknown performed a series of shows together. These events brought collectively old friendships, shared creative attitudes, teacher and student relationship and a spoken word musical onslaught that challenged and intrigued. We are deeply saddened by the loss of a friend, teacher, elder, critically acclaimed poet and artist and eventually for us, collaborator. And we are grateful for what she brought to the world and to our lives. Gone now, and unforgettable. Vale Ania Walwicz.