When Melbourne went into lockdown, I was not prepared for how long it would last. Weeks, months, eighteen months, over a year. It was a long time. Being a performer/musician, there was no way to work from home unless on Instagram Feed Video, but unfortunately, that didn’t work. I had been booked to perform on piano but postponed several times. Eventually, I decided to record myself playing the piano and singing instead. At least that way, maybe, someone will hear me play and all the work leading up to this point in my life. This collection of songs, which I will now perform for you live, is called ‘Now the Dark Days are Gone’. It features an autobiography of songs that I have written over the years. Some Rocket Science songs are new and old. Some solo pieces and covers have dropped into my life for different reasons, and some avant-garde improvised reactions to what’s happening around me. Hope that you enjoy ‘Now the Dark Days are Gone.

Roman Tucker with Piano Videos

Testing Grounds, Summer Emporium, Melbourne, Australia, 2nd February 2022.



Not on Saturday

6 ft 4

Bettys Burgers

Fluffed up in Velour

You are my Sunshine

Burn in Hell