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I work as a professional musician and specialise as a freelance music therapist. I have twenty years of experience with perceived disability, stroke, physical disability, mental health, autism and acquired brain injury. Music therapy can help support many people who might be experiencing challenges (including cognitive, intellectual, physical, emotional, or social) or wishing to improve their well-being. Everyone can benefit from music, and there is no right or wrong way to express it. I prepare a creative, tailored program to see how music can work best for the individual. We write songs, play songs, jam, record music, and learn an instrument no matter the skill level. It’s good to meet and work out what works best.

Ways in which music therapy benefits individuals are: reduce anxiety or stress, regulate moods, increase motivation, manage anger and frustration, manage challenging behaviours, promote creativity, improve communication, physical speech function, social skills, social interaction, independence, help promote positive social behaviour. Music therapy can increase memory, self-awareness and inhibition, non-verbal and verbal working memory, emotional self-regulation, self-motivation, planning, problem-solving and improve attention.

Roman Tucker doing music therapy


A young music therapy patient
A young music therapy patient
A young music therapy patient
Roman Tucker with a music therapy patient


To Whom it may concern,

Roman has provided support as a Music Therapist for several of my NDIS Participants on an ongoing basis for the past 2 yrs. He manages to connect with the person allowing them to express themselves & develop creatively.

Music Therapy is a valuable tool to express,release & move through processes.
Roman is the perfect person to provide this Therapy as he displays a deep level of patience, understanding & non judgemental attitude to bring out the best in the individual.

He is reliable caring & has a deep understanding of Disabilities including Intellectual Disability this allows him to cater to the many levels of need & supports required in this field.

I would not hesitate to recommend Roman’s Services.

Carmel Jones​
Support Coordinator

To whom it may concern,
Roman Tucker has been providing music therapy on a one to one basis for my son for approximately 18 months.
During that time my son’s confidence and self esteem has improved greatly.
Music therapy guided by Roman has provided a safe place to articulate thoughts and
Feelings through improvisation and expression.
The sessions have a calming effect whilst providing a
Challenge to improve .
Roman’s caring and supportive style has made such a positive
impact on my son’s life and his well being, I would highly recommend Roman
As a music therapist.
After a music session my son feels positive and
Empowered and always looks forward to the next
Kind Regards,