I first discovered the theremin through Simon Grounds, a pivotal figure in my musical journey. I’ve known Simon since I was ten, and he has been more than a mentor to me. Besides inspiring creativity and improvisation, he is also my friend. Simon played the theremin and electronic organ in his band The Shower Scene from Psycho, introducing me to the unique sound of the theremin. At some stage, I began to play the theremin myself, or it started to play me. Either way, it began a lifelong journey of playing sound in space and an invisible line connecting me to the instrument. You use your hands, arms, and ears to play the theremin. You use your eyes, mind, and inner core, too. I use every part of my musical, physical, and emotional self to achieve a performance. Theremin playing is as much about sound as it is about vision. My limbs twist and contort. My entire body is affected by the electromagnetic field it generates. Playing the theremin is as much about experimental noise as it is about performance. Its ethereal nature affects me in a way that is fluid and muscular at the same time. Recently, I played the Theremin solo opening for the film festival Screams on Screen and for Rocket Science at Shotkickers—the audio and performance consist of the photos and video seen here

Theremin photos