Ekranoplans / Person or Person Unknown at Lyrebird Lounge
Person or Person Unknown // Lyrebird Lounge
February 23, 2019
7:00 pm
Lyre Bird
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Ekranoplans lumber into 2019 with more of their idiosyncratic hi-octane pub and dub nonsense. What the shit will happen this time?

Ekranoplans are preceded by the wonky jazz stylings of new outfit Person or Persons Unknown, featuring Simon Grounds and Roman Tucker. Grounds and Tucker use sax and piano to do improvisation with avant garde, 20th century chamber music, film noir and atonal influences. They are joined in this gig by esteemed subversive Polish- Australian poet & experimental wordmonger Ania Walwicz, who is bringing her unique take on beat poetry psycho-whimsy to the ensemble.